Citizen Action
Conference Call: Purifics Remediation Technology
November, 2013

Citizen Action researches and studies cleanup technologies.  Because investment in the United States has been minimal, particularly for toxic events as large as the Kirtland jet fuel spill, we have sought effective cleanup technologies beyond the small subset of USAF approved methods/contractors.

Purifics is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. They manufacture industrial water purification equipment, and their technology is unique and highly efficient.  In particular, Purifics Photo-Cat technology destroys contaminants, rather then catches them in filters which must be replaced such as Carbon.  

Citizen Action arranged a conference call in Nov, 2013 with Purifics chief Engineer: Tony Powell.  Among others, technical experts from WUA and NMED participated.  This is a recording of this fascinating conversation.  We invited Kirtland and Shaw officials to participate, but they declined.  As of April 2014, despite repeated repeated requests, neither KAFB or SHAW has contacted Purifics.  

Given EDB's encroachment on Albuquerque's municipal wells and the Air Force's inadequate response, the likelihood water will have to be filtered at the wellhead is increasingly likely.  Carbon filtering is very expensive, in particular the replacement of filters +/- every 7 years.  Purifics Photo-Cat technology has no recurring filter costs for the lifetime of the units, guaranteed for 25 years.