April 22, 2014


The following 3 YouTube videos were filmed at the April, 2014 CAB meeting at Caesar Chavez Community Center.

We've asked many times for recording and/or minutes of these meetings, but Kirtland has never fulfilled this request.

With all due respect to the Air Force, Kirtland and their cleanup contractor's information presented at these meetings has been, at best... highly misleading.  Citizen Action has gotten much more assertive in contesting so many Kirtland claims made in these meeting for some years, and to correct those statements formally and in public statements.

These meetings rarely have been attended by more then 35 or Albuquerque citizens: this meetings attendance was approximately 150, and people clearly are becoming better informed and less willing to accept (at best) questionable Kirtland statements at face value: we are challenging them in increasing numbers.   This is what it's going to take to have a successful cleanup: more and more members of the public informed and participating. 

Public comments begin at: 49:32 of the first video.  The following 2 videos are entirely public comments and questions, and officials responses.

 (As usual, thanks to Mike Swick for his excellent video of our events.)

4-22-1014 CAB Meeting: Part I