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In 2007 the Environmental Protection Agency informed the New Mexico Environment Department by email of a draft report detailing the need to replace defective groundwater monitoring wells at Sandia Labs' Mixed Waste Landfill.  Citizen Action obtained a redacted version of the EPA report in 2013 from a Freedom of Information request.  Citizen Action only received the full report and email in 2014 from a records request. 

Compare the two documents to see how EPA withheld very important information and did not furnish Citizen Action with the email to NMED thus hiding the fact NMED knew in 2007 about the defective groundwater monitoring wells.  Those same wells furnished unreliable data to make the decision to leave the MWL radioactive and hazardous wastes beneath a dirt cover. 

The NMED hid this information from the public.

The defective monitoring well network is still in place including new wells that hide knowledge of contamination.