Kirtland Air Force Base Jet Fuel Spill




Citizens of Albuquerque demand answers regarding the future of our water supply:


  • lack of concern
  • lack of information & details
  • lack of clean up
  • lack of visible commitment and accountability by local, State and Federal officials.
  • lack of public accountability by Kirtland.


  • The lack of any independent task force to establish immediate emergency measures, as demanded by the 2014 NM Legislature and supported by NM Attorney General Gary King

  • Failure of the New Mexico Environment Department to enforce its own orders.

  • Inaction by the Air Force and its contractors, and utter silence by Mayor Berry, Governor Martinez and NM  U.S. Congressional Representatives and Senators.

  • Political pandering by regulators and politicians to the Air Force.

  • Conflict of interest with NM Environmental Department Secretary Ryan Flynn, and his Air Force employment.

  • Public meetings that make no record of public concerns.

  • A Citizen Advisory Board selected by the Air Force and unresponsive to citizen concerns.

  • Failure to characterize the extent of the contamination, failure to place monitoring wells near to the municipal wells, and the insufficient number of monitoring wells.

  • Not informing the public about the 29 tons of toxic air releases that will occur in neighborhoods from current planning.

  • The ongoing destruction of the aquifer making it unavailable for public use.

  • Flawed modeling studies based on lack of reliable information issued to pacify the public.

  • The misinformation given to the public about when the spill occurred and when Kirtland knew about it.

  • New Mexico allows five times the levels of EDB (Ethylene Dibromide) in drinking water compared to other states.


young girl drinking unknown quality water: "What about her future?"


Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting

Apr. 22, 2014 • 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Cesar Chavez Community Center

7505 Kathryn Avenue SE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

Citizen Action New Mexico 505-262-1862

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